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Dogs must be 9 months of age.

They must be social with dogs and people.

They must be able to stay for 20 seconds with the owner at a distance of 5 paces

The dog should have a recall.

The Agility Classes

We offer a new range of classes to suit the ability of the dog and handler


This is a 6 week course in which we teach you all the basics of agility training. Safe use of the equipment and how to turn and link equipment together, as well as contacts and teaching the dog to listen at distance.



4 week block bookings to allow you and your dog to pracise all the skills you have learned in the beginner class, learn more complicated sequences and more advanced equipment as well to further improve your handling skills.


details to follow


Training Venue and Times

All training takes place at the new purpose built, fenced, agility arena at

Houghhall College


County Durham


Opposite the university sports grounds on the A177

Summer classes

From 6.45pm on Monday evenings

Winter clasess

From 10am on Saturday mornings

Essential Information

Dogs must be fully inoculated, regularly wormed and in good health.

Handlers should be  in good health, or have advised the trainer of any health issues which may affect training, so that resonable adjustments can be made.

Handlers will care for their  own safety by wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear for the running surfaces and weather.

Handlers  ensure any dog defecation or urination is cleaned as necessary and disinfected straight away using the disinfectant provided.

Everyone is expected to help put out and put away equipment, every session. If you are unable to carry equipment, for whatever reason, please inform Mechelle before you start your course.

To check availability, Please contact Mechelle

Agility rates are as follows:

Initial training £60 for 6 hours, as a block booking, with a £20 deposit, the remainder paid on the first night.

Further training £25 for 4 hours, as a block booking, paid in advance (and now by paypal)

You may start your block booking at any point in the year, we run a rolling programme of training. Classes may be combined if numbers of handlers are going to be very low on any one week. 

Training dates are printed below and handlers should pre book holidays and intended absences to aviod losing weeks, when they book.

No refunds can be made in the case of holidays or double bookings once the block booking has been taken.

In the case of poor weather stopping training, the initial or further training will be extended by the relevant number of weeks. 

Refunds will not be available. 

The same rules apply if the trainers cancel due to ill health.

The  dog must be 9 months of age, be social around other dogs and people.

The dog can recall  and can stay in one spot for 20 seconds when  the handler is 5 paces away.

  If you are unsure your dog will meet the criteria, please ask for a free assessment.

Dates we are NOT training

22nd July 2019

Dates we are training

Monday nights start 6.45pm

29th April 2019

Saturday mornings start 9.45am

September 2019

Christmas break



To make a booking please complete the application form, and follow instructions on the form to pay for your course or deposit.

Agility Booking Form