Advanced (Gold KC)

Advanced Class

Advanced classes held

Fridays at Leadgate Community Centre - 9pm for one hour

To be eligible for this class dogs must have completed a Bronze Good Citizen Award, or have a similar level of training and be able to work towards a Silver Good Citizen Award or Gold Award

Class training covers a range of advanced skills and is taught in a positive manner, using the most up to date dog training and behaviour modification techniques.

  • Walking on a loose lead or without a lead and at different paces
  • Sit, down and stand with distance control
  • Recall and recall to heel.
  • Recall away from distractions including people, dogs and items such as food and toys.
  • Stop on recall
  • Stay and waiting, with owner out of sight
  • Socialisation with other dogs in a controlled manner
  • Examination of the dog by other people
  • Playing safely with your dog
  • leaving objects including toys and treats
  • Control at gates and doors
  • Control in greeting others
  • Going to bed
  • Food manners and food refusal
  • Retrieving toys & other objects
  • Find it games and scent work

Members of this class are working towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award or Silver Award.

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